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Hwk Update Client V bernwar




HK2 update client v has been released. HK2 Server: HK2 Client: Recently we have added to the watch list this upcoming update of the HK2 Server. As you can see, we have a few things to tell you about what happened with the updates, and what to expect. We have also decided that the support for the client should be discontinued, as we will work on the new 4.0 version. We will also remove the support for the HK2 Server To tell you that we have some big changes in the updates, I will focus on the most important things: 1. Major changes in the engine First of all, the server introduces a new interface for remote servers with the HK2Server interface. This provides a more controlled access to the server’s log files, remote file transfers, etc. 2. Performance improvements The HK2 Server also includes new optimizations to the DNS resolver and the network layer. These changes provide a significant increase in performance of the server when compared with previous versions. 3. Updates to the LISP compiler and templates Some minor changes have also been introduced to the LISP compiler and the templates, which now work better with the new server interface. 4. Updates to the NetMQ library We have also added the new library NetMQ which can be used to perform remote file transfers. 5. Replaced plugins We have also changed the library of plugins for the server, introducing a new API for plugins. HK2 Server: Major changes: New interface HK2Server for remote servers, allowing you to control access to the server’s log files, remote file transfers, etc. New optimizations to the DNS resolver and network layer of the server. Minor changes to the LISP compiler and templates. Replaced plugins: The plugin library has been updated to the new version 0.8. Check out the changelog HK2 Client: Support for the client has been discontinued. Support for the HK2 Server



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Hwk Update Client V bernwar

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